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  1. Pls help the people of India. God will bless you indeed. Also give food, treatment, social distancing and complete awareness required in order to eradicate this. Thanks for your decisions and forget about the politics on this instance. I saw so many people on the street in Delhi

  2. Namaskar, This Tublahhi Jamat has carried virus outside Delhi in many parts of our country and created panic and sense of insecurity. The corona carriers are not cooperating with doctors who will cure them.

  3. DTC members/bus staff are not allowing the Bankers to enter in Buses despite Bankers are also providing essential services. Please look into the matter.
    Please give them clear instructions.

  4. I would humbly request shri Arvind kejriwalji to see the real truth behind Markaj Nijamuddin, as there are no such cases of covid 19. In Nizamuddin markaj. Sir, u thoroughly investigate what is the real truth. Sir, I know u r a very honest person and u have done a tremendous work in Delhi. It is highly appreasible therefore the people of Delhi have elected u once more for 5years. At this moment Allah/Baghwan who is the supreme power is watching each and everyone who is right and who is wrong. God will definitely punish those people who r spreading false news and hatred among the community. No one will be spared by God. Jo duniya mey kisi ke liya bura sochega ya karega Allah ki Mar uspar giregi. Sir, I once again request u to kindly look into the matter. Sir, all false propaganda is being spread by goudi media about nizamuddin. I hope sir u will personally look into the matter what the real truth is behind the entire episode. Sir, I definitely tell u that people of Nizamuddin always follow the rules and regulations of the Government. They never break the rules. They are Innocent. Therefore I request u to kindly look into the matter. Thank you.

  5. Although I am a fan of yours but sir your government failed in COVID 19 containment… The Nizam or markaz (or whatever it's pronounced) has spread this virus across India now… Even in my small town there are 17 people (obviously muslims) who have been home isolated , they came from the islamic congregation in delhi.. what is more tragic is that despite being from my town, they didn't come here from delhi directly, they went to 3-5 other cities before coming here… Yesterday the ministry released a list.. it's a worrying news for all of us.. there was not a single case here till now, but now there are going to be 20+ cases in a flick.. reports are yet to come..they were tested 3 days back.. I sincerely wish that they are negative (no I don't give a damn about them.. because I am not sure if they have done it deliberately as many channels are claiming).. but now my father has stopped giving rashan (we were giving a little bit wheat, aata, daal to some areas where there are labours.. mostly muslims as they are living as community in specific areas and we have known many of them for so long..some of them even constructed our house 5 years back.. but now we won't go there.. we are genuinely afraid)..

    It's not about hindu muslim friends.. but at the same time, it can not be justified what they have done.. they preferred religion over others safety.. it's against humanity..

  6. Without bulk testing these data are meaningless. Agar aap daily ye batayen ki 2.5 crore population mein se aap daily kitne test kar rahe hai to ye data trusted hoga

  7. Mr kejriwal ji we glad we have such a strong delhi chief minister and strong prime minister work together with bjp but fight with any problems india will reach on top level glad you are the Delhi chief minister.

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