AAP National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal Addresses at 6th National Council Meeting of AAP

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  1. Rehdi khomche walon ko bhi kanoon se bandho…
    Kahan se gas milti h in logon ko…
    Kya kwalitiy ki cheez khila rahe hain aam janta ko….zahar paros rahe hain..
    Sadkon par bhare pade hain…

    Koi licance nahi lagta inko….
    Jahan ye aa jate hain fir nahi jate…
    Wahan k restaurent or dhabe wale khali baithe….hain..

  2. Sir apke jaisa koi up ke Kanpur ek bhi koi asa hota aj hm log sahi hote Allah se dua krte sir hm apki Sarkar India me aaye insha'Allah u r great sir

  3. Surprised to see, how Delhiites voted for this antinational, lazy, moron called KUJLIWAL. A dog that never bites, but barks loudest. This fellow is a Disgrace to politics. Zero development, and loud barking at every available topic. Hard to believe that this fellow is an IITian and an IIM. What a waste of quality education, and the tax payers money.

    Hope common sense prevails this times and the Delhiites vote for BJP and nation development and unity, rather than this leech, that is anti national, lazy and corrupt.

  4. AAP is becoming like other political parties. AK does let anyone else become popular and sees those leaders as a threat to his own position. I liked AAP and AK so much and supported them so far but now kumar vishwas episode tells me Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has became Arvind Kejriwal Party (AKP) with AK as dictator. AK is becoming a regular and shrewd politician like thousands we already have. If KV is not sent to RS or expelled from party , the reverse counting of AAP demise will start.

  5. ਅਰਵਿੰਦ ਕੇਜਰੀਵਾਲ ਜੀ ਆਪ ਜੋ ਵੀ ਕਹਿ ਰਹੇ ਹੋ ਸੱਚ ਹੈ ਅਗਲਾ ਇਲੈਕਸ਼ਨ ਦੱਸ ਦੇਵੇਗਾ ਕਿ ਲੋਕਾ ਨੂੰ ਆਪ ਦਾ ਰਾਜ ਵਿੱਚ ਕੀ ਬਦਲਾਵ ਆਇਆ ਹੈ ਕੇਜਰੀਵਾਲ ਜੀ ਅਗਰ ਸੱਚ ਵਿੱਚ ਕੁਝ ਬਦਲਣਾ ਚਹੁੰਦੇ ਹੋ ਤਾ ਨਵੀ ਨੋਜਵਾਨ ਪੀੜੀ ਅੱਗੇ ਲਿਆਉਣ ਦੀ ਕੋਸ਼ਿਸ ਕਰੋ

  6. Arvind sir, you and your government in Delhi has done great jobs of which you have to be proud of today . May you get the ACB in your hands again. Then we will not hear people saying that you and your government is not like before. May Almighty God make the Supreme Court give verdict in your favor for the good of humanity.

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