AAP National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal Road Show from New Delhi Lok Sabha

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  1. Mungeri Lal ke hassen sapne…….. DEKH lo…..Kon se paise lagte hai.
    7 seat to dur ki baat hai, 1 seat to nikaal lena tum….. Delhi me
    ye girgit hai sala, Delhi Walo ko chutiya banayega, BUS………..

  2. चोर साला राजनीति के चक्कर में गौतम गंभीर पर झूठा आरोप लगा रहा है

  3. Thode din pahle congress k talve chat rha tha gathbandan kr lo. Kabhi kanhiya jumar jse logo k sath khada ho jata h or kabhi mamta benergee k sath. Phir bhi bharat mata ki jai yha bolta h.ranga siyar. Yha kuch or or vha kuch or.

  4. Question: 

    Why Modi Ji never talks, behaves and has a body language that of a Prime Minister,and never bothers about duly elected about AAP party and CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal ji in Delhi?


    1- Modi Ji ONLY ONCE accepted himself as PM when he took OATH as Prime Minister of the country. Thereafter, He proudly accepted himself as Hardcore RSS Pracharak and self-positioned himself as Pradhan Sewak, Chaiwala, Chowkidar but never as Prime Minister.

    2- It is therefore self deception if oppsition expect Modi ji's efforts to protect opposition parties as PM. 

    3-Rather Modi Ji as a reputed RSS Pracharak, and his dedicated team is spitting venom on all opposition political parties and is regularly making mountain of a mole hill 24X7 just by talking.

    4- Kudos to Modi Ji that his thinking, colloquial language, gestures, body language, actions and hand movements always conformed to the position he self accepted and  announced.

  5. Haaroge is baar, delhi ke roads to aapke govt k andr ha, itna bura haal kyu ha roads ka. Mai to ni dene wala vote tmhe, aur na mere ghr wale, dukhi ho gye

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