Arvind Kejriwal Addressing at Seemapuri

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  1. It is true that AAP has decreased corruption in Delhi.But when Kejriwal approaches mullahs of Meerut  to slap fatwa so that muslims will vote for AAP also amounts to corrupt practice.

  2. I understand party can't satisfy each Volunteer, however majority or half of them must satisfied.  This is the actually process decided by the party, according to AAP website.

    This decision is beyond the exception of the committed unpaid volunteers in this vidhan sabha as none of them wanted him as candidate. 

    Let see the yesterday’s incident someone throw- sleeper during introduction of candidate by Ram Ashrey in Sunder Nagri. Which definitely shows-unsatisfaction in the volunteers.  You have to see yesterday’s news in Delhi Aaj tak.

    There will be protest in Sunder Nagri from tomorrow onward – against the party decision of Seemapuri candidate in Sunder Nagri.  I definitely will not be part of it, I advocate declaring Former MLA Dharmender Kohli OR re-think of this decision. 

    I am not highlighting all above because I am willing to be a candidate.  However, re- think and careful scrutiny of all Nominations party have received.

    Looking for prompt reply and action on it.

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