Arvind Kejriwal Addressing in Varanasi (Part 1)

On 15th April 14 , Arvind Kejriwal Reached Banaras, and had a nukkad meeting where he addressed the number of people.

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  1. One should compare what a leader (a politian in this case) did for people vs himself/ herself.

    So far Modi is uniter, united hindu-muslims after CCP sponsored burning of Hindus in a train and Kejriwal is divider.

    Modi is not foreign puppet but Kejriwal is.

    Modi did accomplished many things whereas Kejriwal run away when he doesn't get what he wants. In democracy not everyone gets what they want. Kejriwal is not a good leader because he is an opportunist.

    BBC news and sanjay majmudar are example of indirectly distroying India. BBC anchor Lucy does not even know capital of Gujarat. She said Ahmedabad instead of Gandhinagar.

    Foreign interest wants india to remain poor ofcource and govt. to be puppets. Fools like majmudar get paid big so deserves a title of puppet.

  2. जो लड़ ना पाया खांसी से वो लड़ने चला है काशी से……शीला हारी अपने पाप से… और बनारस में केजरीवाल हारेगा अपने बाप से..!
    बनारस में केजरी ने एक कहावत सच कर दी कि जब गीदड़ कि मौत आती है तो शहर कि ओर भागता है… सबको शीला समझ रखा है इसने..!
    …भगोड़ा केजरी

  3. IF YOU BELIEVE IN AAP.. GIVE IT THE FUEL IT NEEDS TO RISE.. Only we as citizens can make this happen..for the first time I SEE A PARTY FOR THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE,BY THE PEOPLE!! Isnt this what the constitution says.. If we really want to see a change then Help AAP grow.. The more our number.. The more stronger AAM AADMI will be..not by power of politicians but by the power of us Citizens..

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