Arvind Kejriwal's Roadshow in Varanasi – 9th May

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  1. एक बार केजरीवाल की रैली में बारिश आ गयी ,,,,केजरीवाल – कोई अपनी जगह से नहीं हिलेगा येनरेन्द्र मोदी कि चाल है लगता है वो भगवान सेमिला हुआ है |

  2. Emotions are good but decision to elect a leader to run Country is not a emotional decision but is decision on Experience and Maturity. I think Arivd Kejriwal failed to prove that he is Experienced and Mature based on how he handeled CM/Leadership in Delhi. He needs to gain more experience and maturity for which he will need to becomes a long term CM and prove credibility.
    Just by garning popularity or  speaking like a loose cannon does not make one credible to run a country. Playing with eomtions of young people to garner popularity is not good because this could result in mass distruction.
    Also lets make India our first prioirty and then look at face value on what each leader is saying.
    So Arvind Kejriwal go do some real good in society and earn some credibility. All what you are doing today (just speaking what Aam People ned to hear) can be done by anyone and is not enough to become a Leader, as it does not involve any real work or achievement.

  3. AK can be compared to Swami Vibekananda who dreampt for New India without exploitation. Myself and my family have a deep reverence to AK & AAP. This election, I think is only the starting point, there are much more to happen since men have already tested all formal political parties

    The lazy, big belly, idiot and gutter mouth Arun Jaitley and all of his BJP brass including bhagoda husband Modi, Navin Kohli, Ravi Shanker Prasad are sitting in the 5 star hotel in Varanasi with air conditioning, sipping lemonade and wine with fancy snacks and doing GRRRRR…. Let them come out in the streets of Varanasi with the U.P. heat like Arvind Kejriwal is doing every day. Let them travel door to door to rural houses to talk to voters. These as*sholes are used to corruption and nation looting. Money cannot replace the real touch with people that Keriwal is bringing in this election.

  5. AAP nm sg rg ko hara ke jeetna chhaate hain ya apne muddo ke bal per jitnaa chhaate jain ? Aap ka campaign dekh ker yhe feel ho raha hai ki uska khaas mudda ek koneein jondagi maut ki ladai lad raha hai air aam aadmi party abb aam neta party ban chuki hai ya ban jaayegi we respect thoughts through which aap was born but now it seems that thoughts are going far from our attitide slowly slowly aap bhi jaat paat haar jeet vote bank ke chakarvhiew mein funs gayee hai aur desh ki bholi hsreeb janta nechaari hairaan pareshaan gum shum si vikas ki raha taak rahi hai

  6. after watching this,  tears  are filled in my eyes for not being there, no doubt country is awaking it's a revolution. We feel  lucky because  we are witnessing the change. unlimited respect for AK. India needs people like him. Salutes

  7. What will modi do– destroy communal harmony. What will arvind kejirwal do- develop India by removing corruption and bring more transparent policies. Now people of Varanasi should decide whom to vote and whom to reject. Answer is pretty simple and straight forward unless ur interested in bloodshed

  8. He's a legend already. I have nothing for him but immense respect!! 

    People of INDIA – He's doing all this for us. Stop criticizing him for no reason. 

    May 16th – COME ALREADY!! haha

  9. Mere aadarniya Kumar Vishwash… Aap ki bahot ijjat hai desh me aur harek yuvak ke dil me aapke liye bahot pyar hai… Par bahot khed se muje ye kahena pad raha hai ki aap galat logo ki sangat me hai….. Baat baat me Kejariwal ji jhooth bol rahe hai aur apne hi bayano se palat rahe hai…… Asha hai ki aap jaldi hi apne vachan ko yaad karke is party se alag ho jayenge…

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