HC has passed the order that parking will be free in Delhi Complexes but MCD still charging fee

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  1. Aam Aadmi Party

    BJP led MCDs are in full collusion with these private malls and hospitals who continue to charge hefty parking amounts from consumers. These people have committed contempt of court in their hunger to loot the people of Delhi. Shameful.
    AAP Protects Citizens from being Looted ✊

    AAP leader issues notice to MCDs on parking fee at malls…/aap-leader-issues-notice-to-mcd…/

    The notice, sent earlier this week to North and East corporations, said the civic bodies were asked to issue public notice and inform owners of malls and hospitals that levying of parking charges is illegal and actions will be taken against violators.

  2. अरे भैया तुम कुछ भी कर लो हम तो देश को ऐसे ही लूटने वाले लोग ह और ऐसे ही लूटते रहेगे जिसको जो भी बिगाड़ ना है बिगाड ले हमारे पास ईवीएम है अबकी बार तो तू बच गया अबकी बार कितनी सीट लाता है हम देखेगे

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