Rajya Sabha Member Sanjay Singh says " We Want IAS Officers to call off there Strike"

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  1. For GOD's Sake 🙏 not to Smear Democracy anymore 😠 All should come Transperent now 🤨

    The Scoundrelism of the IAS Lobby and their Masters ought to STOP Now 😡

    One thing Should be LOUD and CLEAR that AAM AADMI will never Look Back anymore ✊

    Arvind Kejriwal's New Warning In Letter To PM, Door-To-Door Campaign Next

    In the letter, Arvind Kejriwal sought to know whether PM Narendra Modi would be able to run his government "if in his meetings, officers didn't show up".

  2. IAS officers are not afraid,,,,,,,they had been part of corroupt system to get commission. Here they have to work honestly,,,,,,,,,as such taking no interest to attend the meetings oh HONEST MINISTERS because the projects decided will have to be implemented without commission,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. When IAS officers do not follow the welfare schemes of Kejriwal govt ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then IAS officers must be made accountable for the polcies made and then flopped,,and country faced losses

  4. 10 lakh letters hahahhaaaa paani dedo Shora kothi paharganj ma djb Ka aam admi ke le rakhe ha vishesh Ravi na Kuch Bolte kuo nahe …… vishesh Ravi ko

  5. Aapko ab protest band kar dena chahiye, aaj ias walo ne kaha hai ki wo log normally kaam kar rahe hai, agar abbhi wo meating me naa aai to aap video banake daliye taaki bakiyo ko bhi proof ho jai kaun juth bol raha hai.

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